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To Nepal And Back

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About the Content

The book "To Nepal And Back" is a funny and educational travel story, which will make you familiar with the exotic Nepal, its inhabitants, strangers, traditions and character.

While reading the book you will enter the country, surrounded by clouds and mistery. To dream about this place or to remember your past journey there.
The book is describing the stay and the adventures of the author and his friend in Kathmandu and the national park Sagamartha, part of which is mount Everest.

The travel story will be interesting for all of you adventure souls. No special alpine or trekking skills are required. The only thing that you need to take with you, before reading the book is your sense of humor.

Most of the places are illustrated with photos. This way you can can visual idea about Nepal, the beautiful Himalaya, the buddist monasteries, the chaotic and the colorful Kathmandu and much more.

Distribution and online reading

Every week a new chapter, or part of a chapter if the chapter is too big, will be published in blog site, news site and other also world-unknown places.
The books contains 13 chapters, which means that you will have at least guaranteed entertainment.
Before publishing a new chapter you will find some hints where about the place it will appear.

The book is distributed under CreativeCommons license. At the moment there is no paper variant of the book, so if you want to publish it or help somehow email the author.



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